Our mission: to raise the awareness of those who travel with us regarding the issues that influence and challenge the increasingly fragile ecology of our world, and to give our travelers the eco-adventure of a lifetime! Our amazing journeys will immerse you in one of nature's most magnificent classrooms and you will return home from your adventure with a new sense of awe and wonder for your planet!


What is an eco adventure?

With World Eco Adventures, an eco-adventure is the educational trip of a lifetime!  While on your adventure, you will become immersed in the magnificent granduer of the rainforest and all of its splendid flora and fauna.  The mysteries of its zoology, botany, ecology, conservation and many native cultures will be a part of your daily education as you learn about one of the most diverse ecosystems on this planet!

transWhere do the tours go?

You will travel to the wonderful jungle city of Iquitos, Peru in the Amazon Basin!  This city, known as the gateway city to the Amazon is our launch pad into adventure. From Iquitos, you will journey via boat to your rainforest lodge on the Rio Momon, where your thatch-roofed cabana and hammock await you!  Now your amazing adventure really begins...rainforest treks, jungle stream boat cruises, pink river dolphins and native tribes are just the beginning!

The Amazon region is the largest and most biologically-rich biome in the world. It is the indigenous habitat for over 25,000 species of plants, over 4,000 species of butterflies, and over 2,400 species of fishes - more than in the entire Atlantic Ocean. Many species, especially plants and small animals, have small localized ranges of distribution. Vast areas of the rainforest have not yet been explored biologically. Therefore, many more species of plants and animals likely await scientific description.  

transWhat makes your tours different?

Our eco-adventures are guided by professional biologists, teachers and locals with decades of experience in the Amazon Basin of Peru! Everything is taken care of and your only task is to relax, learn and enjoy an experience you will never forget! No dry speaches or lengthy dissertations...we offer hands-on, exciting, one of a kind, funfilled adventures allowing you to experience the real Amazon Rainforest of Peru!

Enjoy Learning About YOUR Planet!

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