Frequently Asked Questions

 Is it hot?
 Yes, but no hotter than here in Florida. It will be winter in Peru - average temperature will be in the mid-80s.

 Are there lots of insects there?
 Yes, it is the rainforest, but most of them do not bite or sting. There are far more mosquitoes in Florida!

 Will there be soda to drink?
 Yes, sometimes.

 What are the bathroom facilities like?
 Some of them are just like here. Others flush by pouring water in them.

 Will I have access to the Internet?
 Yes, you will have the opportunity to use the Internet to contact friends and relatives.

 Is the food safe to eat?
 Yes, the lodge caters to our needs and provides bottled drinking water and carefully prepared foods for our enjoyment!

 Is it a safe place for me (my child)?
 Yes, it is safer than most cities in the US.  We've previously taken children as young as eight in complete safety!

 What about physical requirements, size, strength, etc.?
 We recommend that anyone who is going to be touring with us have a physical exam when they update their vaccinations. At that point, tell your physician about the trip you (or your student) is going to be taking. Ask your physician if there is any reason that would prohibit you or your student from taking this trip. Also ask if there is anything the guides would be made aware of in advance. People in generally good physical shape should experience absolutely no problems on this trip. It's not a physical fitness exercise program:)

 Do I have to speak Spanish to go and enjoy myself?
 No, we have our own English/Spanish speaking guides and our staff is also bilingual.

 Will we have showers?
 Yes, but they may not be hot.

 How long will we be gone?
 Ten fun-filled, adventurous days!

 Where will we stay?
 Most of the time we will be at a Rainforest Lodge. Check out the picture below.

 When will we be going?
 See the STUDENT and FAMILY itinerary pages for details.

 What will we be doing?
 HAVING THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIMEā€¦Rainforest treks, jungle stream boat trips, swimming, visiting a rainforest zoo, playing with tame monkeys, meeting indigenous Amazonian tribes, and much more!!!

The total price for the trip ($2,099 for the student trips and $2,499 for the family trips) includes transportation to Miami and round-trip air transportation from Miami, Florida - Iquitos, Peru; all ground transportation, all hotel and lodge accommodations, meals, insurance, service gratuities, demonstrations and Tribal Experiences, plus amazing memories to last a lifetime.

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