Ambassadors of the Rainforest

This is one of the most exciting, exclusive and carefully managed educational experiences available for young people anywhere on the planet! A selected group of students (ages 12 and up) will travel to the Amazon Basin of Peru for ten amazing days from June 1-10, June 15 - 24, July 6 - 15, or July 20 -29, 2003 to participate in a rainforest educational program that will totally and safely immerse them in one of the world's most diverse rainforests!  No greater classroom exists on Earth!

While in the Amazon Basin, each student will be directly involved in a number of activities such as:

Rainforest Ecology - You will trek into both primary and secondary rainforest areas with American and Peruvian scientists.  Here, you will experience, first-hand, the amazing diversity and beauty of this area that most people only read about. Treks will be made by foot or up jungle streams on boats. These travels are fun, exciting and are highly effective learning opportunities that include hands-on instruction in botany, zoology, ecology, conservation, and discussions of the sustainable harvesting practices of the indigenous tribes.

Contact & Dialog With Local Indigenous Peoples
- Exposure to the indigenous people of the area, specifically the Bora, Shipibo and Jivaro will provide first-hand knowledge of the plight and hardships of these traditional rainforest cultures.

Cultural exchanges - Students will be surrounded by a completely different culture and people whose lives are molded by a whole different environment. They will visit the spectacular market places and learn to appreciate their own lives for what they have. They will visit a rainforest zoo/rehabilitation facility and become involved in the Zoo Peru program to take back and share when they return to their home schools.

The students will keep a daily log/notebook of their experiences and observations. These will be used to develop future projects and will also serve as a tool for sharing their experiences with their friends, family, school and well as keeping cherished memories that will last forever!

This program has been developed by scientists, teachers and local educators with over 60 years combined experience in the area!  It is one of the most holistic, hands-on and innovative approaches to rainforest education that you will find, and this education is facilitated by the student's immersion into one of the most spectacular classrooms on Earth … the Peruvian Amazon.

We've also included a page that contains some of the more Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about this trip of a lifetime. Check out our Preparation Checklist to help you with your packing and preparing.  Also, please read and heed the data in regard to the Medical Requirements page. It contains time-sensitive issues that you must deal with at least 30 days prior to departure.

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