Our Sponsors

The list below is comprised of companies, organizations and individuals that have generously provided products, services or other types of support that are designed to enhance the World Eco-Adventures Experience. We urge you to patronize them, their products and their services.

  • Dynamic Cruise Concepts - This is the Cruise Vacation Company that plans each vacation as if it were their own. They handle all of the "getting us there and back" issues (planning, reservations and logistics) for World Eco-Adventures. They feature wonderful pricing on fabulous cruises and other types of excursions. Check out their website or give them a call at (321) 725-5522.

  • inetUSA - They are the hosts for our website and actually created it for us to our specifications. Since 1986, inetUSA has been providing quality Internet, Intranet and Extranet solutions for customers around the world. Their "One-Click-Websites" are the easiest way to build a website without any special knowledge of programming or the Internet. In fact, our World Eco-Adventures website uses this technology. For more information visit their website or give them a call at (321) 723-8550.
  • The individuals below have been kind enough to help our students financially in order to facilitate their trip of a lifetime. These people believe in education...in children's dreams!  It's this kind of generousity that makes these trips so reqarding for all of us.

    • Ted Townsend
    • Sam & Rae Heflick

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